Conical spring o-ring mounted seals

Mechanical seal SALVADOR (conical spring o-ring mounted seals)

Technical features

  • Single seal
  • Unbalanced
  • Conical spring
  • Uni-directional

Operating limits

  • P = 145 PSI
  • T = -95 to 320°F
  • V = 65 ft/s
Description Materials
Primary rings silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, ceramic, stainless
Mating rings silicon carbide, carbon graphite, tungsten carbide
Secondary seal NBR, EPDM, Viton
Metal parts Stainless 304
Mechanical seal SALVADOR (technical drawing)

Product description

The Conical Spring ‘O’-Ring Mounted Type Seals offered by Cityline are extremely popular seals. These robust, technically procient seals.

The proven e cient design and wide choice of ‘O’-Ring and face materials enable these seals to be utilised in a large variety of applications. Suited for pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors and other rotary shaft equipment. 

Stationary Seats

  • DE3 (monolithic short seat)
  • DE2 (monolithic long seat, anti-rotation pin slot)
  • DE1 (face shrink fitted, anti-rotation pin slot)
  • NL2 (monolithic short seat, anti-rotation pin slot, to DIN24960)
  • NL1 (monolithic long seat, anti-rotation pin slot, to DIN24960)
  • NL3 (face shrink fitted, anti-rotation pin slot, to DIN24960)
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